Are Video Games Good or Bad for us?

Have you ever played video games before? Well some people say that they are bad for our health while some others that they are good for sharpening our mind. what do you think about them?

In my opinion there are disadvantages and advantages as well. The disadvantages are that people do not exercise enough, they sit in a chair and play video games all day long. Also, looking at a monitor for such a long period of time may not be good for our eyes.

But there are advantages as well. For example in many video games there are a lot of puzzles to solve, so you are practicing your brain’s ability of solving all kinds of problems. You can also learn a lot about history through video games, I know I did. I recently played a video game about the French Revolution and it was quite interesting.

I think that video games are good for us and we can dismiss the disadvantages of them, first by exercising so we can keep our selves are healthy and not playing video games all day, and second by buying a special pair of glasses that can filter the image of the monitor so it’s not tiring and harmful for our eyes.

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  1. Vaggelis says:

    I think video games teach you English, but hurt your eyes.

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  2. Danae says:

    I think video games are good for kids, but they influence them too.


  3. PANOSXGAMER says:

    I think video games are good for all the family, but we must not over-do it!


  4. Costis says:

    Video games are awesome!


  5. Communist Cats says:

    Video games… They’re influential, definitely (take that as you will). They are major learning for both the young and the old, and they form most childhoods. You can escape from a world you’re so trapped inside of, and step into a whole different dimension where rules are chosen by you. Different genres of games actually influence your personality, and teach you different important sets of skills; e.x. leadership, literacy, teamwork, spacial-awareness/perception, and courage.

    While the good things are quite lengthy, the bad can be sometimes too. Researchers say that watching Spongebob actually makes you dumber, so I’m sure there has to be a game or two out there that has that same effect. Also, you risk vision-impairment when being attached to the monitor or TV screen for hours on end. Speaking of monitors and computers, PC gamers (and general users alike) also risk carpal tunnel.

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