SpongeBob out of Water

The first movie I saw  at the cinema is SpongeBob out of Water. It is a funny animated film and it is about a sponge’s adventures in the bikini bottom.

In the movie, a pirate steals the kraby patty recipe and mr Krabs says Placton stole the recipe, but Bob says that Placton didn’t steal it, but dissapeared.

I like the muzic and film’s heroes because they’re funny and change. They become Super Heroes!

I recommend it for all the family. You can have a lot of fun!!!

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  1. Stauros S. says:

    My favorite sport is water polo.It is a great sport and he is a very easy to learn,but it is hard to be really good at!

    It need a referee, two team and seven player in one team (six player and one goalkeeper).

    I love this sport because I played by four and I see it in my tv. I am very good in this.


    1. You may want to check your comment again. Perhaps you intended to reply on an article about sports. This is about a particular movie.


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