Is it important to have rules at school?

In schools students must follow rules but this is which do not apply to teachers! This is not fair. In my experience many of them are helpful but others aren’t.

For example one rule is that students can’t have phones in school but teachers can! Also teachers use to speak with their  phones in the class when we studying. I think that phones can use by students in the break. In school students mustn’t draw their desks but I think that, every student could draw their desk because the desk is their place. An other rule in schools is that students must be in the classroom before the bells rings. But in our school this isn’t a problem because the classrooms locked in the breaks. An other rule in my school is that the students can’t leave without permission. This is one of a few rules i agree with.

In my opinion, the rules are important but the headmasters must change the rules and make it more fair and better for students.

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