Your Submissions: Your Friends

Write a description of your friend.

In paragraph 1 introduce him or her and say what he or she is like. Do not forget to use adjectives and examples.

In paragraph 2 say what you do in your free time together.

In paragraph 3 explain why you like him or her.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stauros S. says:

    My best friend is Steve.

    He is tall and thin, with black hair, brown eyes and his skin is tanned. He has some hobbies too. He loves learning foreign languages like Japaneese. He also plays a lot of computer games and he is decent at them. He is my best friend because he always helps me with anything I need and he is always there for me.

    These are some reasons why steve is my best friend.


  2. Vaggelis says:

    My best friend is Vassiliki !

    She is good and clever. She is tall she has got brown hair. She is beautiful and she is a good piupil.

    I like her because we play together and she is beautiful.


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