Becoming an Actor

Many teenagers want to become actors but their parents may have their doubts. Is it good to place your doubts over your children’s desires so you can protect them though?

On the one hand I understand parents’ fears that maybe they will not make it and will become disappointed. They are scared that publicity will destroy their children as well as that it would destroy their relationship. They are worried that working many hours is not good for their health too.

On the other hand children have dreams and I think that’s good. They should try to make it real and they must have the support of their families. They find this job very interesting and they have expectations from this line of work, and if they do make it they may have a lot of money. They love their future job because they want to live different lives.

In conclusion, I believe that parents should support their children and do not put doubts over them, because then they will be scared to tell them what they think. So parents should not tell them what they think until they are sure about their thoughts.

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