Let’s meet!

Hi readers! We want you to tell us about yourselves! Write in the comments section underneath. Remember to include information about:

Your name

The place where you live and whom you live with

Your age

What you do after school in your free time

How do yo pass your weekend

And what your favorite things are (food, pet, sport)

See ya!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgia says:

    I am Georgia and I am from Greece. I am 10 years old.
    I live in Ilion with my two sisters, mom and dad.

    I always get up at 7.10 to go to school. After school I draw, play and I read books. At the weekend I go to my aunt’s home to have a sleep-over.

    My favourite food is pasticcio. My favourite sport is basketball and I love cats. In my free time I love listening music.


  2. Stratos Daras says:

    Hi, my name is Stratos and I’m from Greece. I am 11 years old. I live in Peristeri with my sister and my mum and dad.

    I usually get up at 7.30 to go to school. I like meat. My favourite sport is swimming and I like dogs. In my free time I listen to music.


  3. Vaggelis says:

    Hi, my name is Vaggelis and I am 12 years old! I live in Ilion with my mum, my dad and my sister.

    In my free time after school, I go with my friends Jonh, Chris, Freddie, and Panos and play with the other chilldren basketball and football. I really like it.

    I believe that I am good because I help my friends with their problems. I am athletic too because I play in a basketball team every day.

    My favourite thing is playing with my frieds every day, and my favourite food is pizza.


  4. Eve says:

    Hi! My name is Eve. I am 15 years old. I live in Peristeri with my family. With my dad, my mum, and my brother. I go to high school.

    In my free time after the school, I usually go to my home for lunch. After that I do my homework and in the afternoon I hung out with my best friend Irene. We like playing volley and we did folk dances in the past.

    I am not very good with English but I am trying to become better. That’s why I begin writing articles for the magazine. My favorite color is blue and I like listening to music with my friends because it is fun.

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  5. Vaggelis says:

    Hi. My name is Vaggelis and I’m 8 years old. I’m a student and I live in Keratsini, Greece. I go to elementary school.

    In my free time I play with my games. My favourite food is pizza. My favoute animal is the fish. My favourite video game is Super Mario 3D World and Smash Flash Bros.

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  6. Danae says:

    Hi, my name is Danae. I am 13 years old. I am a student in Junior High school. I live in Keratsini with my family. We are 4 people, my mum, my dad, my brother and I.

    In my free time I often draw. My friends say that I am good and they ask for my paintings. I also play with my brother. I sometimes meet my friends to hang out with them.

    I am rather clumsy because I often fall. I am funny too, and my friends laugh with my jokes. My favourite sweet is chocolate cake and I love dogs.


  7. Vaggelis P. says:

    Hi everyone my name is Vaggelis and I’m fourteen years old. I live in Athens,Greece a beautiful country of Balkans, with my parents and brother who is eight years old. I’m a student in a high school of Ilion city.
    In my free time i do lots of different stuff. For example i love playing first person shooter video games like battlefield and third person role playing games like Assassins Creed on my Xbox one console. I also like playing airsoft,airsoft is like a military simulation. My opinion is that airsoft is a sport but some people don’t agree with me. One more thing that i like doing is playing volleyball with my friends at school. And last but not least i like reading books. Not all type of books, i prefer books that are correlated with video games and their history.
    This is what i think about my self. Sometimes i can get very careless, for example the other day i completely forgot to do my homework and my teacher yelled at me, honestly she was more than right. I can also get anxious for no reason. Yesterday my best friend didn’t replied to any of my messages and i thought he was mad at me, it proved that he just had a bad internet connection. But i also have some good characteristics. I try to be helpful to my friends and whenever they need help I’m there for them. I’m sociable as well, at school i try to hang out and be friendly with as many students as possible.
    I like very much when i hang out with my friends and we tell jokes. Playing team based games with them is also very cool.


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