Dimitris Diamantidis

Do you admire someone really special? I admire Dimitris Diamantidis, one of the best basketball players of Europe. If you don’t know him, you may want to learn something about him.

Diamantidis was born in Kastoria on 6th of May, 1980. Dimitris has 3 aliases (3D, diamond and octopus) and he also is 1,96 meters and weighs 89kg. He started his career in Heracles (1999-2004), then he moved to Panathinaikos (2004-2016) and retired this year.

He won many individual and team awards. He personally won, MVP Euroleague, 6x MVP Greek league finals, Euroleague basketball Legend and many more. As a member of a team he won 3x Euroleague champion, 11x all-Greek league team and national awards for Greece. 1x gold medals in Eurobasketball and Stankovic Cup, 1x silver metal in FIBA world cup and Mediterranean games.

This is Dimitris Diamantidis, one of the most admirable European basketball players of all time. I think that he will never be forgotten by people all over the world.




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