False Friends in English and Greek

Do you speak languages? If yes, which?  Have you ever heard about false friends in languages? False friends are words which sound the same in different languages but they don’t have the same meaning. Such words exist in Greek and English too.

For instance, there is nai (ναι) which in Greek means yes, but in English sounds like nay. Big difference, huh? There is also limani (λιμάνι) which sounds a bit like lemon but in Greek means port.

There are words which have Greek origins but have completely different meanings in English. Empathy (εμπάθεια) for example in Greek means you dislike somebody without a reason but in English it means understanding, feeling for someone. Also idiotikos (ιδιωτικός) sounds like idiotic but in Greek it means private. Would you like someone to call you that? :p

This is it and I think it is funny. Do you know other false friends? If yes write about it in comments! Do you want me to write other articles about languages? If yes, comment and give your opinion!

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  1. How about you expand your greek false friends list as there is bound to be more. I personally haven’t really come across any so I would be grateful if you could point them out for me.

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    1. Thanks for writing and reading too! I may expand my article if I have free time.👍😸

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