Football Vs basketball

Both football and basketball are very popular sports all over the world. In Greece most kids play and watch football but basketball is also popular. Which would you prefer? Both sports are very interesting!

Let’s start with football. It is a simple game which needs only a ball. You can also make new friends. If you play football you must keep calm and listen to your teammates and your coach. But in football the players fight easily so it isn’t a sport which you can watch with all your family.

And what about basketball? For instance, basketball is usually played in closed stadiums where the temperature is better because there aren’t changes in weather. With basketball you exercise all your muscles. And if you are a child you have even more benefits than men. Basketball helps children learn about proper nutrition too. But basketball needs more equipment than football.

Both are team sports, you can be a professional player but you must train hard. If you ask me however, I prefer basketball because it is more interesting. You must run from the offense to the defense and contrary. Which one do you prefer?

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