Crysis 3 is a first person shooter game with realy good graphics and gameplay.

Prophet (your character), is a man wearing nano-suit with different techs and gadgets like a shield and a cloak that makes him invisible. The story is basically about you, Prophet and Psyco (cause why the freak shouldn’t we have a character named Psyco) trying to stop Ceph, an alien team that is trying to take over the world. Prophet with his gadgets can do loads of stuff like hacking, killing, protecting himself and sneeking around. I think my favourite part about this game is the bow. I rearly love the bow mostly because it has different arrows, like normal arrows, electric arrows and exploding arrows. I think that the bow is tons of fun, and it is silent so if you kill someone the others won’t see you.

So you can play the game in two diffrent ways; you can be smart about it and be sneaky so they won’t see you, or you can just go around shooting everybody and exploding everything.

But this is it about the game! I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to see the game for yourself, you can go ahead and buy it. Do remember, you can always add me on xbox 360. My name is AwesomeGamer492 and anyway, see ya crazy gamers!

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