Cheese Pie


•  6-8 percussionist leaves
• 200gr yellow cheese
• salt
• pepper
• spearmint
• mint
• 200gr gooda
• 200gr blue cheese
• 200gr  caseri (Greek yellow cheese)

•2 eggs  smitten
• 1 glass  heavy  cream
• condensed milk
• olive oil


First we spread the percussion leaves on the pan and we add the oil. After this we wash the mint and the spearmint and we cut them in small pieces. Then we mix all the cheeses together in a bowl. We add the eggs, the salt, the pepper, the milk, the spearmint, the mint and the the heavy cream. We put the mix on the top of the leaves. We cover the mixture with the leaves and put it in the baker in 170°C for 35` -45′.

Good Appetite !

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