Call Of Duty Ghosts

Cod ghosts is a first person shooter game with campaign and multiplayer.

The story is about your character Logan with your team which is called Ghosts. Their objective is to defeat the enemy team called Federation. Federation was created by Gabriel Rorke that was an old partner of your team’s leader Elias who is found on a mission hanging with Rorke. In order to save himself and his team, Elias lets go of Rorke’s hand. Rorke actually survives, but because of his anger that Elias betrayed him Rorke creates Federation in order to destroy Elias and team Ghosts. Now you and your team have to stop him.

I personly like the game’s multiplayer which also has a ranking up system, where you can unlock new weapons and perks too. So go ahead and play online with your friends or try to defeat team Federation!

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