Odysseas Elytis

There are some people that you will never forget , because their names will  stay  in history for ever. One of them is the greek poet Odysseas Elytis. He was born on November 2, 1911, in Heraklion, Crete and ied on March 18, 1996 in Athens .
There was nothing  special about Elytis ‘ appearance . In fact , he wasn’t really good-lookingin his old age, however he was a sweet man. He was bald and he wore old-fashioned clothes , but he was a genius.
He was excepionally tallented and unique. He won Nobel Prize for his poems :Axion Esti , Hlios o protos, Prosanatolismoi, etc. He is also  the second and the last  Greek poet, who won a Nobel Prize.
I have read many poems , but Elytis’ poems are the most intresting. I hope he will never be forgoten.



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