Min arxizeis ti mourmoura!

Min arxizeis ti mourmoura (in english: “Don’t start the grumble”) is a greek series directed by Elen Solomou, Konstantina Giahali and Vicky Alexopoulou.

The story starts with 3 couples: Haris and Vaso (age of 23-35 years old), Marina and Ilias(age of 35-45 years old) and Voula with Minas (age of 50-65 years old), to grumbling in a funny way. Haris is a jobless musician and Vaso a nurse. Marina likes to go shoping and Ilias is a cheap accountant. Voula is a josher and Minas is a old man.

I love this series very much, because it is very funny and very clever! Panos Vlahos is hillarious in the lead as Haris Maragos. Dafny Lamprogianny is very good in the lead as Marina Akrivopoulou-Harami and Elen Kokidou as Voula Vlahaki-Stratelli is very funny too.

The series is for the whole family and that’s why I like it. I recommend this series!

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